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DeepDive into Algorithmic Trading with Juthica Chou presented by New York Software Engineers

Algo Trading DeepDive with Juthica Chou

Juthica Chou is a former Algorithmic Trader at Goldman Sachs

March 1, 2014   |   10:00 am   |   Turn to Tech 184 5th Ave. 4th Floor NYC

Tickets $99

In this DeepDive, we will be exploring various parts of algorithmic trading. We will dive deep into HFT and the merits of high-frequency trading in general, and then we will discuss the different components of algorithmic trading systems and what aspects to consider.

Finally, we will talk about the landscape, the origins of algorithmic trading, how it's changed over the years, and where we see it going in the future.

Some specific things we'll be exploring

Juthica Chou is a former algorithmic trader. She spent 7 years trading derivatives at Goldman Sachs, specializing in high-frequency options market-making across equities, indices, VIX, and currencies/commodities. Juthica graduated from MIT with a B.S. in Mathematics with Computer Science.

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Past Events

DeepDive into ShapeJS with Shapeways presented by New York Software Engineers

ShapeJS DeepDive with Josh Levine

Josh Levine is the VP of Engineering at Shapeways

Feb 1, 2014   |   10:00 am   |   Turn to Tech 184 5th Ave. 4th Floor NYC

Tickets $99   |   $75 Gift Card to Shapeways.com Upon Registration

This event is for JavaScript programmers interested in creating applications with ShapeJS. ShapeJS makes it easy to develop applications that generate 3D printable geometry.

However, because this is a deep dive event we will be going into the very heart of the JavaScript graphics libraries and what made ShapeJS possible to begin with.

The Day will start with coffee and refreshments and include a catered lunch. Please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements.

You should already know JavaScript and bring your own laptop.

Calling all dreamers, innovators, and designers—anyone interested in bringing new physical products to market. Learn ShapeJS, and you can leverage industrial 3D printing technology to make your ideals real. No up-front costs or inventory to stock and ship - Shapeways handles the e-commerce, manufacturing, and distribution for you. All you have to do is write code that makes the 3d blueprint for your product.

ShapeJS is a JavaScript-based language and development environment that generates 3D printable objects that can be bought and sold through the Shapeways marketplace, which enables 3D Printing in dozens of physical materials. Your 3D Objects can be printed in precious metals, stainless steel, ceramics, nylon plastics, and more. ShapeJS eliminates the traditional barriers to physical product entrepreneurship—make and sell 100% personalized products just by writing code.



Getting a head-start

The documentation for ShapeJS can be found here. An open source version of the 2D to 3D creator can be found on github. This project includes the ShapeJS script, a very basic web page for interacting with the creator, and a 3D viewer.

What you'll learn

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